7. March 2024

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How to register and become compliant. Meet the deadline until August 2024.

You will get an overview of:

  • The legislation and related obligations for producers in 2024 (deadline end of August)
  • When and how to register
  • What and how to report
  • Offer for joining the collective scheme of ERP Denmark for packaging (membership fees and costs for an authorized representative)
  • Obligations, compliance fees and eco-modulation coming up in 2025
  • Next steps when choosing ERP Denmark as collective scheme for packaging

The webinar will be:

Thursday 11th of april 10-11:30 am, english

Monday 15th of april, 10-11:30 am, german- please register here

*Landbell Group offers the event without any attached costs to all Landbell group clients. Attendees who do not have an active client number are very welcome to attend the webinar for a price of 89 Euro plus VAT. Please be informed that the Sender of all correspondence relating to this webinar is ERP SAS which is the legal entity of the Landbell group.