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Do you operate internationally? Then you know how challenging it is to comply with all EPR laws. Design requirements such as markings or customer information requirements are just two key areas.

If you operate in multiple markets, you face challenges with WEEE, batteries, packaging, and other waste streams. And because every country has different obligations, it is extremely difficult to keep track.

Complex and time-consuming registration processes add more difficulty to the process. Coordinating applications for membership and contractual requirements with authorities, authorised representatives, and takeback systems is a tremendously arduous process.

We take over this responsibility for you. As a global partner, Landbell offers you a holistic package of takeback, consulting, and software solutions.

Our task is to guide you through the network of legislation. Through our collaboration with our subsidiaries, systems, and local partners, we are there for you worldwide — with one contact person for all countries:

We cover the following topics:

  • Packaging
  • WEEE and
  • Batteries
  • Copyright levies

Expand worldwide
with CGlobal

Do you market electronic and electrical devices, batteries, packaging all over the world? Then put your trust in our global consulting program, CGlobal. This allows you to expand into new markets and conveniently add waste streams as well as countries — and stay legally compliant at all times.

Our services include:

  • Compliance review / Assessment of the obligation
  • Registration with the competent national authorities and systems through a single point of contact
  • Reporting and data reporting
  • Technical support for audits by systems and authorities
  • Invoice management
  • Regulatory updates
  • Standardisation
  • Design, labelling and information requirements
  • Green Point certification

CGlobal is an exclusive service of the Landbell Group — it gives you access to new markets in more than 50 countries. Our experienced and interdisciplinary team supports you in complying with environmental regulations.

CGlobal, together with our sister company Landbell, offers H2 Compliance.

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