Save valuable resources easily

On 2nd August 2023, humanity has depleted all the natural resources Earth provides in a year.

Earth Overshoot Day marks the day we start living beyond our means. In order to sustainably meet our resource needs, it is calculated we would need 1.75 planets. If all countries had the same budget as Germany, even 3 earths would be needed. With a way of life as in China, 2.4 Earths would be required – and if the USA were the benchmark, as many as 5.1 planets would be needed.

We are convinced that a circular economy is the only option for efficiently reusing recyclables and conserving resources.

What exactly does EPR mean?

When a company places electronics, batteries, or packaging on the market as a producer, they are environmentally responsible for this product.

The grounds for this is ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’. It holds the manufacturer responsible for the entire life cycle of their products, including their return and recycling.

We need to reduce the increasing amounts of waste, ocean plastics, and greenhouse gases. Only a functioning circular economy can solve these problems.

Since its foundation, the Landbell Group has been committed to a closed loop. We help companies around the world make their products more durable, more recyclable, and less damaging to the environment.

Waste sorting – climate protection can be convenient

The Landbell Group has a clear goal: to close the economic cycle, conserve resources, and protect the environment.

And you can very easily help with proper waste sorting!

Because only the recyclables that are collected in the yellow bin/yellow bag, glass or paper containers remain in the loop. What ends up in the residual waste is burned and is lost forever.

This means that if you separate properly, you save resources and protect the environment. This is why, together with the dual schemes in Germany, we have founded the “Mülltrennung wirkt” initiative. It explains waste sorting and recycling in Germany.