Worry-free disposal of batteries and accumulators

As a distributor of batteries, you’re obliged to take back used batteries in order to dispose of them safely. This enables hazardous and recyclable substances to be collected.

The approved takeback scheme at Landbell GmbH and DS Ensorgung incorporates you as a distributor and manages your obligations.

Our solutions relieve your company:

  • We ensure the collection and safe disposal of any waste batteries using the latest recycling technology.
  • We offer you a complete package in compliance with the Battery Act (BattG) and Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).
  • We meet the administrative requirements of the authorities for manufacturers – such as registration and reporting obligations.
  • We set up collection boxes or other battery containers and handle the transport – also for batteries as dangerous goods.

Click & Comply – digital takeback solutions for batteries and waste electrical equipment

Purchase takeback solutions for waste electrical equipment and batteries conveniently in our Click & Comply shop. We will take care of the rest!

We offer you:

  • Service packages for battery returns
  • Combination packages for the return of batteries and waste electrical equipment
  • Appointment of an authorised representative for foreign companies
  • Various payment options: credit card, invoice, instant transfer
  • Complete online processing – fast, convenient, secure

Important: the Battery Act (BattG) distinguishes between types of batteries

The Battery Act (BattG) distinguishes between:

Portable batteries: batteries and accumulators that are enclosed and can be held in your hand.

Industrial batteries: any battery intended for industrial, commercial, or agricultural use. An industrial battery can also be used in e-bikes or to drive hybrid vehicles.

Car batteries: any battery for the auto starter motor, lighting, or ignition.

Manufacturers must register a battery with its brand and battery type with the authorities (Stiftung EAR) before placing it on the market.

Learn more about the proper disposal of waste batteries and used accumulators on a general information page for battery takeback schemes.

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