Chemical Compliance from experience

Companies that use hazardous substances in the manufacture of equipment and products must comply with the environmental regulations of the many different markets.

The two main regulations are REACH and RoHS.

All companies that sell their products in the European Union, China, Korea and parts of the USA are obliged to ensure proper disposal of the relevant hazardous substances. Ensure your global compliance with our REACH and RoHS compliance support.

  • We support through our extensive experience, program management techniques and targeted software solutions tailored to customer needs.
  • Our core competencies are the chemicals legislation REACH, RoHS, GHS and CLP, as well as the regulations of product disposal and assessment of safe use including waste, WEEE and emissions.

We offer our solutions for this together with our sister company Landbell H2 Compliance.

What does REACH & RoHs mean?

REACH obliges all companies that manufacture or place chemical substances and mixtures  on the European market and whose production or import volume exceeds one tonne per year to register those chemicals with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). They need to communicate safety information through the Safety Data Sheet format. The REACH registration requires the submission of comprehensive documentation of the substance hazards and uses, as well as proposed measures for risk reduction where triggered.

For article manufacturers, it is necessary to track substances of very high concern, (“SVHC’s”) to ensure they are below 0.1%. If they exceed this trigger, then communication and notification obligations are mandated.

For legal reasons, only companies with a legal entity established in Europe are allowed to make such a registration, for example EU manufacturers and importers. Companies from non-EU countries may be represented by a so-called Only Representative to take on the obligations of their Importers.

RoHS stands for the restriction of hazardous substances. Previously, this was regulated by Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous raw materials or materials in electrical and electronic equipment.

The aim of this directive is to restrict the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment and thus reduce the risk to health and the environment.

We offer our tailor-made solutions together with our sister company Landbell H2 Compliance.

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