How we actively drive the circular economy

We are convinced that a circular economy is the only option for efficiently reusing recyclables and conserving resources. It’s the only way to combat the consequences of a linear economy — climate change, air pollution and resource scarcity.

For more than 15 years, Landbell has been working on innovative solutions to recycle packaging and put it back into circulation. Our goal is to relieve our customers with holistic circulation solutions through recycling.

Our experience, coupled with our global partner network, enables us to offer customers highly individualised and complete solutions.

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How we are increasing the recycling rate of plastics worldwide

Recycling works when we close loops.

It starts with properly sorting waste. As part of the “Mülltrennung wirkt” initiative, we educate consumers on how waste sorting affects recycling.

In the case of glass and paper packaging, it’s already possible to close loops — packaging and products are created again from the packaging.

Recycling plastics, however, continues to be a major challenge. At the same time, global plastic production is steadily increasing.

In order to keep plastic packaging in circulation, we rely on two recycling technologies:

Mechanical recycling is the shortest and most ecological recycling loop for simple packaging and mono-materials.
As a complementary technology, chemical recycling can close the loop for complex packaging and mixed plastic waste.

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