Customised disposal concepts for your batteries, old devices, and packaging

It’s an enormous challenge to comply with all the requirements of the compulsory and voluntary takeback programmes.

You need to consider all the different waste streams – including packaging containing residues of hazardous ingredients, information and communication technology, electronic waste, various types of batteries, or medical devices.

Together, we ensure that you fulfil all waste management obligations. We analyse your collection points and develop a customised disposal plan to maximise your resource utilisation.

What’s more, we optimise the logistics processes and manage the marketing of secondary raw materials on the national and international market.

Benefit from our special solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. We’ll take back, clean and recycle empty bulk goods such as barrels, canisters, IBCs and big bags. We also manage the unpacking and disposal of expired chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Through decades of experience and the expertise of our sister company Landbell DS Entsorgung, we guide you smoothly through the process.

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