Landbell Deutschland

We make recycling, packaging, and disposing of waste easier for you. This brings valuable resources back into the production cycle.

In 2003, we successfully broke the monopoly in packaging disposal in Germany. Now, with more than 20 years of experience, we are the second certified and independent dual scheme.

We started in Germany in 1995 with the aim of making waste disposal easier for companies. Since then, we have evolved from a pure waste management company to a global platform for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

We strengthen and promote the circular economy so that valuable resources are returned to the production cycle.

By making recycling and regulation compliance as easy as possible.

We offer you an entire package of disposal and environmental services. Choose between standardised products and industry-specific individual solutions.

  • Licencing of sales and transport packaging
  • Return of B2B and B2C electrical equipment
  • Return of batteries (portable, industrial and car batteries)
  • Online packaging licensing for packaging in Germany and Austria via EASyShop
  • Online services for the return of waste electrical equipment and batteries via our Click&Comply Shop
  • Innovative recycling solutions
  • Site waste disposal
  • Transport waste

Your global platform for EPR

Landbell Deutschland is part of the Landbell Group. This is an international service provider and consultant on environmental and chemical regulation compliance. As a platform for Extended Producer Responsibility, we offer takeback schemes, consulting services and software solutions from a single source – all over the world.

The dual scheme for Germany

Suitable and legally compliant disposal solutions for your company

We guarantee the legally compliant collection, sorting, and recycling of sales packaging.

Simplify and accelerate your quantity reports, as well as the input of packaging data, with our online reporting portals.

As an independent provider, we only work with selected partners. So we can always offer you the best service.

400 people working for your goals