6. May 2021

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The sun is finally making an appearance again and the cold season is over. But where to put the empty medicine packaging? Cough syrup, fever suppositories or cold ointments come in a wide variety of packaging, all of which need to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. It is always important to remember that medicine packaging may only be disposed of when it is completely empty.

Blister or push-through packaging
Medicines in the form of tablets, capsules or similar are often shrink-wrapped in so-called blister packaging. These packages made of plastic and aluminium foil belong in the yellow bin or the yellow bag. This also applies to plastic medicine cans.

Ointment tubes
Ointments, gels and the like are often sold in aluminium tubes. These also belong in the yellow bin or the yellow bag. Do not forget: Unscrew the plastic lid and throw it separately in the packaging waste. If the tubes are made entirely of plastic, they also belong in the yellow bin or the yellow bag.

Ointment jars
Ointments are also available in jars – for example, when they are mixed in the pharmacy. These jars are usually made of plastic and can be thrown into the yellow bin or the yellow bag.

Pump sprays and spray cans
Pump sprays made of plastic also belong in the yellow bin or the yellow bag. The same applies to spray cans made of aluminium, such as those used for spray plasters. Caution: The spray cans must be completely empty. If there are still residues, they can catch fire or explode.

Pharmaceutical glass containers
Glass containers for medicines – from vials to jars – are disposed of in the glass container, according to the colour in the container for white, brown or green glass.

Outer packaging and package inserts
Cardboard packaging and paper package inserts should be disposed of in the paper container.

You can also find more information on the correct waste separation here.