8. April 2016

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Landbell News, Release 1/2016

Boxes, fillers and bubble wrap film—anyone who sends goods to end consumers knows how much packaging can be produced per delivery. According to the Packaging Ordinance, companies from industry, retail and the trades are obligated to take responsibility for the packaging they placed on the market by participating in a packaging scheme (“Duales System”). This also applies to all small quantities and distributors with small packaging volumes: they also have to join a packaging scheme. Landbell offers online retailers an easy option to meet their legal obligation to participate in such a scheme for the disposal of their packaging with its Landbell EASy shop flat-rate package.

Small quantities of, for example, up to 150 kilograms of paper, paperboard and cardboard can be quickly and easily licensed through the Landbell EASy shop and all with just a few clicks online. The agreement is made directly with Landbell AG, all documents are stored online. Payment is on account, by PayPal or credit card. An information platform for the Landbell EASy shop provides all the necessary information regarding the Packaging Ordinance and licensing.

Distributors of smaller packaging volumes are also required to meet this legal requirement since the 5th amendment of the Packaging Ordinance. With its packaging scheme Landbell AG offers special solutions to support the distributors of smaller sales packaging volumes concerned with a totally new and simple online solution and launched its EASy shop as the first scheme in 2009. In the meantime, numerous operators, retailers and smaller producers are registered with the EASy shop and have their dispatch and/or sales packaging disposed of in an uncomplicated and legally secure way through Landbell EASy.


Packages for associations and their members too

In collaboration with business associations, Landbell AG also develops specific EASy shops for business associations and their member companies (producers and retailers) to meet their specific requirements. The administrative benefit and easy use of the EASy shop are obvious for association members.


New: Landbell EASy shop for dispatch to and within Austria too

The Packaging Ordinance also does not stop at national borders within Europe. A Packaging Ordinance also applies to the Austrian market that obligates manufacturers and/or retailers who place goods on the market or dispatch them to or within Austria. The Austrian Packaging Ordinance is similar to the German one in many regulations but differs in particular as far as the classification of different packaging types is concerned.

Retailers can also use the opportunity to meet their legal requirements in a cost-effective, easy and legally secure way for the Austrian market through our 100% subsidiary, Landbell Austria Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Kreislaufwirtschaft mbH.


Our information platform—the Packaging Ordinance at a glance!

Retailers and manufacturers can find answers to any questions regarding the Packaging Ordinance and the licensing of small quantities on our information platform regarding the Packaging Ordinance and licensing: shop.landbell.de/en

Distributors of smaller packaging volumes can find out there how they can really easily set themselves to be legally compliant and avoid warnings as well as penalties of up to EUR 100,000 (regulations in the German Packaging Ordinance under “Administrative Offences”). Packaging distributors can obtain specific information on the topic of packaging waste disposal in guides and clear videos. Waste disposal solutions for the German and Austrian market are also presented in detail. With the help of the price calculator for the Packaging Ordinance, anyone interested can calculate the individual costs for licensing their packaging quantities (by material type) in Germany (limited free quantities apply in Austria) without any commitment.

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