28. September 2023

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Plastics recycling – What are recyclates and where can I get them?

In the webinar, we show access and application possibilities and also shed light on the limits of use.
The discussions on the topic of sustainability and the use of secondary raw materials in connection with future European laws, which require manufacturers to use these materials in their packaging, are very topical. We would like to give you the opportunity to be informed about this at an early stage so that you can also plan the right steps for your company.

Landbell Group offers the event free of charge for all Landbell customers. Interested parties without a valid customer number are welcome to participate in the webinar for an amount of Euro 89 plus VAT. If you book at least three webinars, you will receive a 25% discount on all webinars.

Since the webinar has already taken place, please contact us via landbelltalks@landbellgroup.com for more information.

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