6. June 2016

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Landbell News, Release 2/2016

The European Recycling Platform (ERP), a company belonging to the Landbell Group, is well-known for its services for collection, waste electrical and electronic equipment, packaging and batteries, which it offers throughout Europe. ERP expanded its range with the so-called “EPEAT” compliant service in March 2016. A brief explanation: “EPEAT” stands for “Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool”, a comprehensive assessment system for environmentally-friendly electronic equipment. Public and private institutions in 43 countries are using EPEAT as a requirement to be met when goods are purchased.

One important criterion of EPEAT are the requirements regarding end of life management. These include the “auditing of recycling providers”, an area where ERP is already recognised as an expert and is well positioned.

Following an in-depth assessment of the ERP recycling standards for WEEE, TS.EW.001, the EPEAT office confirmed: the ERP in-house standard meets the EPEAT strict end of life requirement in the computer and monitors categories in the EU and EFTA states. This recognition once again confirms ERP’s ecological excellence as an expert for the end of life management of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The TS.EW.001 from ERP defines the minimum requirements that have to be complied with by operators of facilities for the storage and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Through the regular and demanding auditing of the recycling supplier chain ERP guarantees that the services offered to its customers and members meet the legal and statutory requirements as well as ERP’s own high quality standards.

Since the recognition from EPEAT, the European Recycling Platform (ERP) is able to handle the whole process from the definition of the standard to operational execution:

  • Maintaining a strict EPEAT compliance “in-house” recycling standard for WEEE (TS.EW.001).
  • Auditing recyclers in accordance with the standard recognised by EPEAT (34 recycling partners have already been audited according to this standard in 9 EU and EFTA states by ERP).
  • Commissioning audited recyclers who meet the TS.EW.001 criteria.
  • Collection solutions offered European-wide with audited and EPEAT compliant recyclers.

This process consequently enables ERP to offer manufacturers an EPEAT compliance solution for the collection and recycling of computers and monitors at European level—carried out exclusively by audited recycling partners. This offer is therefore a great support for ERP’s customers as the solution offered immensely simplifies their EPEAT registration process.

Contact us for more information about ERP’s services, visit us at http://erp-recycling.org/news-media/news-events/, or attend the “Electronic Goes Green Conference” from 7 to 9 September in Berlin, where ERP is presenting its EPEAT programme (http://electronicsgoesgreen.org/).

Find out more about the EPEAT assessment system here° http://www.epeat.net/.

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