18. January 2021

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Archaeologists have proven that metal and glass were collected, melted down and reworked at that time. Scrap metal collectors roamed the streets of ancient cities and collected discarded metals. The recycling of scrap metals and glass is proven by the fact that archaeologists could hardly find any metals or glass in ancient households. It is also known from ancient Rome that thousands of statues made of bronze and copper were not only destroyed by the Christians there, but also melted down and recycled into new things. It is also reported that after the end of the Roman Empire grave robbers searched graves for recyclable material such as glass or metal. Grave robbery took on such proportions that in the years between 500 and 900 A.D., the mining of metal ores declined sharply.

Let’s take an example from our ancestors. You can find out how today’s waste separation works on the website: www.muelltrennung-wirkt.de. Landbell is part of the initiative of the dual schemes “mülltrennung-wirkt.de”